Meeting this Sunday!

Just a quick reminder that we have a meeting coming up.  Here’s the details:

Sunday, 11 September, 3pm – Automation for cultivation systems: learn the ins and outs of how to automate everything from day/night cycles, to watering your carnivorous plants (technical growing presentation – come ready to talk about the nitty-gritty of growing plants)

Discussion about ins and outs of how to automate everything from day/night cycles, to watering your carnivorous plants.  Please come ready to discuss your success, and failures, of automation. There will be a presentation, but this will be a round table discussion format.
Everyone should leave with new ideas!

We’ll be meeting at the Watershed, which is here.

Hope to see you all there!

State Fair 2016!!!

It has all happened so fast!  The Minnesota State Fair is happening again.  As always the UMCPS will be at the Sate Fair the first two days (Thursday, August 25th & Friday, August 26th), in the Horticulture Building at the corner of Underwood and Judson.  This year we are adding to our repertoire with live feedings of Venus fly traps both days at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm.  So come by and say hello, but stay for the show!  We hope to see you there.

Field trip reminder – 10 July

Just a quick thank you to the folks who have sent their RSVP for the field trip tomorrow!  And a reminder, we will meet up at the Mills Fleet Farm, 35W & Lexington @2:30.  From there our guide will lead a caravan to the parking area.  We will wait in the parking lot until everyone who has sent their RSVP has arrived, or for 15 minutes.  To be respectful of everyone’s time, we will not wait any longer than that.  Looking forward to the trip!

Stomp’n in the Swamp

We will go looking for carnivorous plants in the Blaine Preserve Scientific and Natural Area.
Date – July 10, 2016
Time – the usual, 3:00 pm

How to get there?
Parking is on the gravel road just north of Lexington Memorial Park, behind the baseball diamonds.  We will meet up at the Mills Fleet Farm, 35W & Lexington @2:30 and our guide will lead a caravan to the parking area.
There are NO trails, so plan to walk softly, despite the subject line.
Plan to get wet, probably no more than mid-calf, but no promises.
Long pants and real shoes are recommended, as the area has insects and lots of plants that will attack given half a chance.

Please RSVP to our e-mail address, username umcps.

Hope you can all make it!

A little slow this month

Sorry the update from the meeting has been a bit slow, and for the short notice!

Let’s start with the short notice: This Sunday, 12 June at 3pm we will have a social gathering at Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis!  Sorry for the late notice.  Hopefully you can all be there, if even for a short while.  When you walk in you’ll see a table with out sign on it – that’ll be us!

Last month our programmed meeting at the Watershed was a nice small group, and it allowed for some great discussion on a very well researched talk about highland Nepenthes.  Below you can see the official meeting summary.

Meeting Summary:

The meeting was called to order by the president.  No introductions were necessary as all the faces were familiar.  Club business was discussed, including the State Fair Show, our continuing efforts to live broadcast our meeting to folks across the region, and the prospect of a July field trip to see out native carnivorous plants in habitat.  The president noted that we will be seeking volunteers from our membership to operate our table at the Minnesota State Fair, and that the society will pay entry to the fair for those members working our table.  Treasury report was was not available at the time, but is posted below.  Floor was opened up for questions.  Then, the business meeting was concluded by the president.  We then had our presentation on highland Nepenthes, during which there was a good deal of discussion about a range of topics from conservation, to taxonomy, cultivation.  Finally we open up for plant sales, commission sales, and socializing.

Treasury Report:

Treasury report for May 2016

1 new membership paid. $10.00
Plant sales at May meeting. $10.00
Gesneriad Society plant sales. $291.55
Current treasury balance of $1213.41