It’s official!

The Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society (UMCPS) is proud to announce… Well, us.  We are an active group of hobbyists who are looking for other people in the Upper Midwest who are interested in this great group of plants.  Not sure if you are in the Upper Midwest – check out our neat map.

map of where the UMCPS operatesThe central star is over the Twin Cities area, where we have our meetings.  Certainly it’ll be easier to attend in person if you live near by, but we are planning on getting online meeting attendance organized. This will allow us to connect with members across the region. If you are interested please feel free to contact us at our e-mail address; username ‘umcps’.

We are still hoping to spiff-up our website, but that’s going to take some time.  Our next meeting is currently TBD, but check back soon for the date and time .  Not sure if carnivorous plants are for you, but still curious?  Never fear you can come check out the meetings without being a member because all our regular meetings are always open to the public.  Additionally, we hope to make our presence known at local events around the Twin Cities (we even have big plans to be at the MN State Fair next year).  Stay tuned for all of our upcoming developments.


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