Upcoming meeting agenda

Sunday the 8th of January is fast approaching and we are getting excited to get together again.  At the next meeting we will have a few points of business to address.  Much of it will have to do with ideas to make our club more apparent in the community immediately surrounding the Twin Cities, and reach out to interested people across the region.  Some planning that will need to happen will include:

• Definite planning for the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum show this spring (an idea to print up a sign for this has been proposed)

• Initial strategy for involvement in the horticulture show at the Minnesota State Fair

• Brainstorming summer field trips to see regional CP’s in their habitat potentially including butterworts along the north shore, a trip to Big Bog SP in MN, and perhaps visiting a fellow CP enthusiast in Thunder Bay, ON and seeing some Canadian bogs

• Make members aware of the ICPS conference outside Providence, RI in August

• Making more regular posts to this site so our members can show off pictures of their plants

• Discuss the possibility of meeting more regularly than every other month (we just can’t get enough of each other)

• We will also have to plan where we will hold each of the meetings for the year and schedule talks by members or others.

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff.  Okay, so not as exciting as the carnivorous plants we will talk about, but it will still be fun to plan for showing off our plants to a larger audience.  We will be meeting at the same location as the last time.  Anyone needing directions or who would like to arrange carpooling should contact us at our yahoo.com email account user name : umcps

Members please remember to bring your $10 dues for the year.  Non-members are always welcome to attend meetings, you just can’t vote (but, you can buy into our plutocracy for only $10!).  I hope to see everyone on January 8th at 6pm.


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