January meeting (in review)

We had a great meeting this Sunday.  The gang was all there.  We dealt with that long list of “business” stuff, and still managed to talk about carnivorous plants too!  Unfortunately, all that business meant we didn’t have anyone presenting anything, but that’s okay because we made plans.  Big plans!  We figured out who will be representing us at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum show this spring (more details on that to come).  We anticipate being able to sell a few plants this year as well.  We’re not really interested in making money by doing so, we just hope to get a few more people excited about the plants we love so much.

UMCPS members checking out tissue cultured carnivorous plantsWe also had a chance to  check out a tissue culture room.  And see the little plants thriving in their flasks.  It’s a strange site, but amazing to see how well they take to their encapsulated existence.  Tissue culture is almost a hobby in and of itself, but carnivorous plant hobbyists frequently get involved in this pursuit.  It can offer quite a challenge, but there is no faster way to propagate plants.  Several of the plants we will be offering at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum show are currently in tissue culture in this very room!  A few of our members will be getting together to deflask these little guys soon allowing them time to spread their traps before the show.  And to our members, remember to bring your cultivation tips for the species we will be offering at the show to the next meeting so we can write up our culture sheets.  And dues!  We should have figured what to do with money by this time.

Our next meeting will be on March 11th at 5pm, and will be at a new location (someone else wants to show off their plants too).  Directions will be send out to all the folks at the last meeting, but if you weren’t at the last meeting how will you find us? Simple.  All you have to do is contact us at our e-mail on the “About” page.  At the next meeting, one of our members will be talking about cultivating tuberous sundews.  What’s a tuberous sundew you say?!  Well here’s a great link with perhaps enough information to wet your appetite for these little gems.  Intrigued?  We hope so.  And we hope to see you at our next meeting.


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