Meeting notes: May 2012

Our May meeting was great!  We got to see most of our old friends and a new face as well.  The big news is that we will be attending the Minnesota BioBlitz.  We are hoping to identify all the carnivorous plants we can, as well as the other plants which share their wetland habitats.  It should be a good time plus it will be a great way to sharpen our identification skills, particularly for the bladderworts. 

Back to the meeting.  The arrival of a new interested person gives us an excuse to show off our plants all over again.  So, we did just that.  Plus we heard from a members about growing one of their favorite groups of carnivorous plants: tuberous sundews.  What are “tuberous sundews”?  If you check out the previous link and do a quick internet search, you should begin to get the idea.  It suffices to say that they have rather peculiar cultivation requirements for carnivorous plants. 

Additionally, we had our first meeting where someone brought in a plant to show off.  And what a plant is was too!  You can see it in the previous photo.  It is a wonderfully grown Sarracenia oreophila in its seasonal prime!  This is a nice species because, uncommonly for this genus, it has its pitchers fully developed while it is blooming.  It also has a nice set of small non-carnivorous leaves at the base called phyllodes, which give it a lush appearance all around.  This is an uncommon species in cultivation, but it is incredibly rare in its habitat.  So much so, that it is federally listed as an endangered species.  This specimen, along with all of the plants we grow, was legally obtained and was not collected from the wild.  Wild collection is never okay.  Never.

Next month, come join us at the Minnesota BioBlitz.  You could also join us at our next meeting on July 8th.  Plus, check out our basic grow guides, they are attached to the “Grow Guide” link above.


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