Time lag update

Well this should probably have gone up weeks ago, but the January meeting was great!  We met some new folks and had a good time talking about all sorts of plants, of course including carnivorous plants.  For the folks who had not yet been out to Sunrise River Farms we had a little tour of the place.  Some of our members also brought in a few plants to show off.


The flower on the yellow butterwort (Pinguicula lutea) was particularly nice.  Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do it justice.


The other big news is that we elected out treasurer.  So, brand new officer!  It was a squeaker of an unopposed election too.  In other exciting news, we are hoping to be at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum show again this year as well as making a repeat appearance at the Minnesota State Fair.  There are also plans for a field trip up to the northern Minnesota this summer to see some carnivorous plants in habitat.  In summation, stay tuned for updates on all of our various activities.  The easiest way to keep up with our various activities from meetings to shows to trips is to be alerted to new posts here, by entering your e-mail address in the empty field on the left and then clicking on the “Follow” button.  Then you’ll never miss a thing!  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our Yahoo.com e-mail address, user name: umcps


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