November in Review

Our November meeting was fantastic!  We got to see a collection of one of our members and had got to meet someone new.  Can’t beat that!  We also set an ambitious agenda for 2014.

One of of members, Tom, was kind enough to share his new pygmy sundews with us.  They are fascinating little plants with incredibly modified structures to help them form colonies.  Here are a couple photos of Tom’s plants:

D omissa pink

The species is Drosera omissa and it is a pink flowered form.  They are just starting out from the vegetative propagules pygmy sundews have called gemmae (singular: gemma).

D omissa pink close

They are tiny, but they are still killers!  Photo credits are for William Morison.

Our next meeting is also out first for 2014 and will be January 12th at another member’s house.  The same member will be presenting a general introduction to the diversity of sundews (genus: Drosera), and showing off their collection.  It should be a good time.  So stay tuned right here to get details about the meeting as it approached.  Until then, enjoy your holidays, and happy growing!

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