Spring Sale!!!

If you have been meaning to pick up some carnivorous plants but putting it off because of the cold weather, do we have some good news for you!  On April 26th and 27th, just in time for spring and warmer weather to come, we’ll be participating in the “Exotic Houseplants – Gesneriads and More” plant sale.  It’s a great chance for the rare plant collector in the Twin Cities to get out and see what sorts of botanical oddities their fellow Minnesotans are growing – and then buy them for yourself.

It’s going to be a two day extravaganza filled with offerings from many plant societies in town.  In addition to plants, there will be people right there to ask questions about how to grow these photosynthetic wonders.  It’s going to be quite a range of plants – but of course we will bring the killer plants.  Don’t miss it!


April 26th and 27th at Bachman’s Heritage Room, 6010 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis,
MN 55419.  

Saturday – 9am to 5pm

Sunday – 9am to 4pm

Admission – Free, $0, gratis, the best price ever, so at least come down and gawk.

See you there!


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