Big time links

We’ll we are playing in the big time now.  Besides our link from the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society (BACPS), the New England Carnivorous Plant Society (NECPS), and the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society (LACPS), we now have a link to our little group from perhaps the most visited carnivorous plant site on the whole of the interwebs – The Carnivorous Plant FAQ.  At long last we have made it on the master list of carnivorous plant societies maintained there – right here.  Just scroll down to the North American societies and we are the last one listed.  Slowly, we are making friends all over the place.  Hopefully we’ll make a few more a the sale (see last post) and we hope to have our May meeting rescheduled and announced here shortly – so we can meet some new people then too.  See you next week at the sale!


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