July repotting party

At our next meeting, we will be discussing some big things and possible changes, along with having a repotting party to prepare plants for the next time we are at a sale.

The meeting will be on Sunday, July 19th starting at 1pm at a member’s home.  We’ll have lots of little sundews and other carnivorous plants to pot up, so we’ll really be able to use an help from folks who can make it.

We will also be discussing a bunch of big topics that will change the UMPCS experience.  We’ll be talking about the State Fair this year, and possibly buying logo  embroidered shirts.  Plus, we’ll discuss the possibility of finding a permanent meeting location, and as part of that reevaluating our meeting frequency.

So whether you want to get some peatmoss under your nails, or would like a say about how the UMCPS progresses, please make sure to mark this meeting down on your calendar.  We home to see all of you there!

As always, any questions or carpool arrangement needs, please contact us at our yahoo.com e-mail address, username umcps


2 thoughts on “July repotting party

  1. I missed the show and sale due to health issues but would love to obtain several plants if possible

    • We are sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather. Hope you are back on your feet, and growing great plants. We don’t have our plans set yet about where we might be selling plants next. But if you follow us here on our blog, you’ll be notified right to your inbox. You could also send an e-mail to our yahoo.com address, username umcps. Maybe we can find a way to get you a few plants. Thanks for your interest!

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