2016 Schedule!

It is finally here!  The long awaited and highly anticipated UMCPS schedule for 2016!  This is our new format.  So, let’s break that down.

There will be 3 types of gatherings:

The first will be 4 programmed meetings a year.  These will be open to the public, will have plant sales, commission sales from members, web access for members who aren’t able to be there in person (hopefully), occur at the same public space each time (at the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District2665 Noel Drive Little Canada, MN 55117), and of course will have the name sake program. Look below for the schedule of programmed meeting and program descriptions below.  Programmed meeting will fall into one of 4 categories – presentation of a particular carnivorous plant group, presentation of technical growing techniques or details, hands on workshops, and invited speaker or travel presentation to carnivorous plant habitats.

The second type of gathering will be social gatherings.  These events are not guaranteed to be open to the public, but will be announced here on our website.  They will be less formal, and there will be no set presentation program.  They will also be announced throughout the year as plans are finalized.  These events will consist of gatherings such as getting together at local venues to discuss shared interests, field trips to regional carnivorous plant habitats, and member home tours to see first hand how members cultivate plants.

The final type of gathering will be business meetings.  These are open to all members, but are not open to the public.  These are intended to be planning and scheduling meetings. They will be announced in advance, but will have no set presentation program –  through there will be a set agenda.

Additionally, a meeting summary will follow each programmed or business meeting, as well as a treasury report.  Summaries and treasury reports will me made public through their posting on this site.

Whew, got that out of the way.  Okay, now for the fun part.  Here is the schedule of our programmed meetings for the year (don’t worry though, we’ll send out reminders as the days get closer).

2016 Programmed Meeting Schedule (all held at Watershed):

Sunday, 13 March, 3pm – Mexican Pinguicula (butterwort) leaf pullings: learn how to propagate this interesting and easily cultivated group of carnivorous pants simply by pulling a leaf off (workshop format – if you have some, bring your Mexican Pinguicula, for those who don’t material will be provided)

Sunday, 15 May, 3pm – The genus Utricularia (the bladderworts): we’ll talk about the largest group of carnivorous plants and their various adaptations, including their marvelous and mysterious bladder traps (plant group presentation – you don’t need to know anything about plants to enjoy this presentation)

Sunday, 11 September, 3pm – Automation for cultivation systems: learn the ins and outs of how to automate everything from day/night cycles, to watering your carnivorous plants (technical growing presentation – come ready to talk about the nitty-gritty of growing plants)

Sunday, 13 November, 3pm – Highland Nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants): royalty among carnivorous plants (plant group presentation – you don’t need to know anything about plants to enjoy this presentation)

As you can see, it is going to be a full rich year!  So please come out and check out carnivorous plants the club.  But that’s not all!  We also have out first social gathering planned.  It will be at Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis on Sunday, 21 February starting at 3pm.  If you have any questions, or just want to let folks know you’ll be there, please send us an e-mail at our yahoo.com address, username: umcps So come on out and bend your elbow while discussing carnivorous plants!

Okay, it is now time for some more business.  In case you want to know exactly what happens at the last business meeting, here it is.

Meeting summary for January 17th:

Meeting was called to order.  Meeting was attended by 7 members and 1 guest.

Dues collected from members.


Treasury report was given –

Starting balance from last meeting  $945.67

Donation made to IUCN Red List Carnivorous Plant Survey -$100

Dues collected at January meeting +$60

Final balance as of completion of January meeting $905.67


Election for president.  Bill Morrison nominated.  Ran unopposed.  Elected unanimously. This left the treasurer office vacant.  Mike Waltz was nominated. Ran unopposed. Elected unanimously.

Congratulations to our 2 new officers!

Motion was made to have all programmed meetings take place at the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District.  Motion was passed unanimously.

Re-commitments were confirmed for two chairs of two upcoming events.  Bill Morrison will be chairing the UMCPS participation at the Twin Cities Gesneriad Society Spring Show and Sale at Bachmann’s Nursery on April 30th and May 1st.  And, Walker Glasoe will chair the UMCPS effort at the Minnesota State Fair August 25th and 26th.

Discussed interest in becoming a 501(c)(3).  This was voted on and passed unanimously.  A committee has been named to pursue this in the current year.

Discussed option for software to allow for distant members to view and participate in programmed meetings.  A volunteer was selected to explore the software options to accomplish this.

Business meeting was adjourned.


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