Yearly planning

Well, now that my other plant society show duties are over, time for a report on the planning meeting.

Earlier this month we had our planning meeting. It was fun to see what Matt had done with his electronics and his grow chambers.

Now for the bits everyone really cares about.

Since the officers terms run for two years, and both officers were elected last year neither needed to be re-elected. How ever the bylaws state that the officers must be staggered.
So, Mike stood for re-election as treasurer. He was elected unanimously.

The treasury report said we had approximately 1161.54. (Oddly specifically there…)
That did not include the membership renewals that happened in the room.

Reminder, we are on a calendar year, so everyone else needs to renew.

Meetings planned:

March 12 – Matt will run a hands on program about sowing drosera (sundew) seed. Expect to go home with a sample planting.

May 14 – Mike will be presenting a program on heliamphoras. A group of pitcher plants from South America.

June 11 – Breaking with tradition, the July meeting will be in June. (The usual date for our social meeting.) We moved the meeting so that we would see the saracenia (North American pitcher plants) in bloom. Maybe a few other Minnesota rare bog plants too. The field trip will be in the Sandstone area. Limited parking, car pooling advised.

Sept 10 – Matt will present a program on lowland nepenthes (pitcher plants.) The ones that like it hot and steamy.

Nov 12 – Richard will be leading a round table discussion about dormancy. Or, more specifically, how to prepare your plants so they actually come OUT of dormancy…

As always, the meetings will be the second Sunday of the month, at 3 p.m. Anything indoors will continue to be at the Watershed District office.
The months were we do not have a formal meeting, we will continue to have the social gatherings at various brew pubs around town. (If anyone does not drink, such as myself, the places have all been fine with non-drinkers. If there are other ideas, we are open to hearing them.)

Comments to our e-mail address, username umcps.


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