Sept 10, Update – Cephalotus follicularis talk

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Matt had to cancel his lowland nepenthes talk.

Alex has volunteered to fill in with a talk about his struggles and successes with cephalotus follicularis, the Australian pitcher plant.
This is a monotypic genus, with only one plant in the cephalotus genus.

If you grow one, bring it in and we can all admire them!


Sept 10 Meeting – Lowland Nepenthes

On the heels of the state fair display it is time for the next meeting. This time Matt will be giving us a talk on lowland nepenthes, from the hot and steamy jungles.

Has been a while since we were there, but the meeting will be back at the Ramsey-Washington Watershed Office (2665 Noel Dr, Little Canada, MN 55117) in Little Canada.
September 10th at the usual time of 3pm.

Contact us at the usual places: blog at umcps (dot) net
email via umcps (at)
or Facebook @ /UpperMidwestCarnivorousPlantSociety/

Hope to see you all there.