UMCPS Plant Sale and Social

The UMCPS will be selling plants at the AVSM sale in Northtown mall this Friday, April 6th (10 – 7) and Saturday, April 7th (10 – 4) or until we sell out.
We have a small selection of plants. A few butterworts, some sundews and to get the summer off to a fine start a few venus fly traps!

The next social meeting will be on April 15th, not the second weekend. We will be meeting at Venn Brewing, located at Hiawatha and 46th. The usual time of 3pm to talk about those plants we love!

Contact us at the usual places: blog at umcps (dot) net
email via umcps (at)
or Facebook @ /UpperMidwestCarnivorousPlantSociety/


1 thought on “UMCPS Plant Sale and Social

  1. How large and what cost on the VFT? I may be doing a talk on CPs for a school and need plants to feed and leave at the school.

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