Nov 11th – Dormancy, or bringing them back from the dead

This meeting will be a round table discussion of dormancy.
How to get them to (finally) go dormant, and how to make sure that they will come out of dormancy eventually, maybe even at the right time.
Bring your success stories and, of course, your horror stories. Let us see what works for others and what is really a bad idea.

The meeting will be at the Ramsey-Washington Watershed Office (2665 Noel Dr, Little Canada, MN 55117) in Little Canada.
Sept 9th at the usual time of 3 pm.

Contact us at the usual places: blog at  umcps (dot) net
email via umcps (at)
or Facebook @ /UpperMidwestCarnivorousPlantSociety/  (Feel free to send a message.)


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