UMCPS Meeting 3/10 @ 3:00 – Seed Starting

Come, talk to us, and please, please take plants home.
We will have soil, pots (if we can find them…) and … seeds. Ping pullings. Pings in a compot that need dividing! Seed that may need to be set on fire! (No, really. Biblys, like Jack Pine only germinates with smoke.)

This meeting will feature getting messy!
We will also do a short talk on how to plant seeds and special requirements needed (if any.)  Please come and ask questions if you have plants you want to propagate.

The meeting will be at the Ramsey-Washington Watershed Office (2665 Noel Dr, Little Canada, MN 55117) in Little Canada.

March 10th at the usual time of 3 pm.

Contact us at the usual places: blog at umcps (dot) net
email via umcps (at)
or Facebook @ /UpperMidwestCarnivorousPlantSociety/


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