May 5th – Planting a bog garden

Our May 5th meeting (note the date change-Not May 12th) will be a demonstration class of a mini bog garden (a small portable bog in a container) during the growing and dormancy seasons. Don Schiller has written a build and seasonal care sheet handout for the bog, and Brian Nightingale will provide a demonstration of creating his own mini bog to enjoy for years to come.

Please join us May 5th at 3pm for this demonstration class.
The meeting will be at the Ramsey-Washington Watershed Office (2665 Noel Dr, Little Canada, MN 55117) in Little Canada.

Contact us at the usual places: blog at umcps (dot) net
email via umcps (at)
or Facebook @ /UpperMidwestCarnivorousPlantSociety/ (Feel free to send a message.)

UMCPS April Social Meeting 4/14 @ 3:00pm

This is on the northwest side. Just off of 252, north of the 694/ 94 junction.
8515 Edinburgh Centre Dr.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443